Is your weight affecting your health?

Weight loss  improves :

  • control of blood pressure

  • your abilty to exercise

  • joint pain

  • sleep quality

  • feeling of well being

Find out which meal plan is right for you
and your health

The first step is to choose either the strict, Total Diet Replacement Plan (TDR) or our more flexible Meal Replacement Plan (MRP). Both plans are available via participating pharmacies or direct from NewWeigh.  Consider your eating habits, lifestyle and general health before choosing which plan is right for you, based on the following:

Total Diet Replacement (TDR)

Do you have 2 stone/6kg or more to lose?

My GP has advised me to lose weight for medical reasons or for an upcoming operation

I need a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) for safe and effective weight loss

I struggle with cravings

I want a ketogenic diet which will blunt my hunger

Ordinary low calorie dieting hasn’t worked for me

Requires an approved Medical Questionnaire

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Meal Replacement Plan (MRP)

Less than 2 stone/6 kg to lose

Delicious and nutritious

2 MRP foods daily and still eat a healthy meal

Convenient meal on-the-go

Helps you count calories

Low calorie and high protein

Fuel your body anytime, anywhere

Available from our Shop

Tasty bars, soup and shakes

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Which diet plan is right for me?

NewWeigh TDR Products

Total Diet Replacement (TDR)

TDR foods are not available via our shop. You must obtain Medical Questionnaire approval before starting. 

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Download your free TDR Booklet

Download your free TDR Booklet

NewWeigh MRP Products

Meal Replacement Plan (MRP)

MRP foods are available via our shop directly or through your pharmacy. 

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Download your free MRP Booklet

Download your free MRP Booklet


Do you know your numbers?

There are three health numbers you should know:

1. Your BMI

2. Your Blood Pressure

3. Your Cholesterol Levels

The Body Mass Index (BMI) chart is a very good indicator of how your weight affects your health.
Excess weight increases your risk of many illnesses. The more overweight you are, the greater the risk.
Taking responsibility for your own health is the best decision you can make.

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